Batch Conversion in Photoshop


Converting a group of images using Batch Conversion in Photoshop

This action is ideal for assigning a specific action to a folder of images in Photoshop, to save you opening each image manully and converting, then saving.

Ideal for:  Changing RGB to CMYK, Converting images to web and even assigning a Photoshop Action, like adjust colours, levels etc.

For this excersie we are going to make a folder of  CMYK Images that are currently at 300dpi and then change them all to 72dpi RGB ready for web use.

To do this you must first open one image from the folder you want to convert. Set up a new action, call it “LOW RES FOR WEB”, name it Action 1 and Label it Red. Then click on the RECORD button on actions menu at bottom, this will turn RED. Then start by changing the image to RGB and adjust the image size from 300dpi to 72dpi (making sure all constraints are ticked).  Once this has been done you can save into a folder near your original image, called the folder “CONVERTED TO WEB”. Finally press stop on the Playback functions on Actions. And close the image.

New Action

Image Size

Now for the next bit, in the file menu go to Automate, Batch, select the source folder (where you are getting the image from), and then the destination folder (where you are saving the new WEB image to). Also on the destination bit remember to click on “Save As” otherwise it will not work.

Automate Batch Automate Batch2

Once you’ve done this prepare yourself for some magic. It will automatically open up all your 300dpi images change them to 72dpi RGB, save and close.

Hey presto!!!

My next blog will be about creating a droplet in photoshop using the same principals.

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