The use of Print Finishes with Design


The great thing about print is, it can result in items that can serve as something useful. A few examples, such as a folder (to hold useful documents), (desk)calendar, stationery as a quick way to pass on your details. It is great to hold a beautiful finished off brochure with high quality photos in your … Read the full article →

Paper for print


Paper and price comparison  Paper, it might not seem that important but when it comes to printing 5,000 or 10,000 32pp or 64pp + 4pp cover A4 brochures there are some things really worth considering. Over the last couple of months I made it a point to check what responses we were receiving on questions … Read the full article →

What Is Trapping And How Is It Used In Print?


What is trapping? Trapping is a pre-press technique used to compensate for registration errors in lithographic printing and is the process of adding a slight overlap between adjacent areas of color to avoid gaps caused by misalignent. A litho press requires each colour separation to be laid down one at a time over the next … Read the full article →

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