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You might have experienced that we at PrintHouse are a very sociable lot, but you might not realise we also actively maintain our on-line social life — our own Facebook page! And we’ve just added a really cool feature to our page, which alone should make you like us a lot (just click that “like” button to let us know!).

We have developed an application explaining — and showing — popular paper formats to help both inexperienced print buyers and casual information seekers visualise various paper sizes in real-life situations. Often, it is hard to realise how big is an “A1″ format, not to mention the fact many people don’t know the exact dimensions of a popular “A4″ size.

How big is an “A4″ size?

We hear much more of similar questions regarding paper formats, as apart form the popular “A” series, there’s a “B”, “C” and more. Obviously, we weren’t the first to try explaining paper sizes and plenty of diagrams can be found on the Internet (even a dedicated Wikipedia article). However, they all are still quite abstract and don’t show the fundamental aspect — how does a specific format feel in your hand and just how big it is in real-life situations.

That’s where PrintHouse comes to the rescue! With the help of PhotoRoom, our brand new packshot & still-life photography studio, we shot some nice printed samples. Now you can learn not only a format’s dimensions and useful information but how it feels in your hand.

So, head for our Facebook page now and check out the brand new “Print Sizes Exposed” app. Don’t forget to let us know there what you think and what other paper sizes would you like us to present.

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